Event planning & management

As a seasoned event planner, Theresa Rawlings offers comprehensive event planning and management services. She meticulously plans every aspect of the event, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for clients and attendees alike. With her creative flair and attention to detail, Theresa expertly coordinates all elements, including scheduling, logistics, and theme design, to deliver exceptional events tailored to the client’s vision and objectives.

Venue selection & coordination

Theresa’s expertise extends to venue selection and coordination. Leveraging her extensive network and industry knowledge, she identifies the ideal venues that align with the event’s purpose, size, and ambiance. From negotiating contracts to managing venue logistics, Theresa ensures that each chosen location complements the event’s theme and offers a perfect setting for a successful gathering.

Vendor selection & management

As a skilled event coordinator, Theresa takes charge of vendor selection and management, guaranteeing that only top-tier suppliers are involved. From catering services to audio-visual support and event technology, she carefully evaluates and collaborates with vendors who can meet the event’s requirements and deliver outstanding services, leaving clients free from the burden of vendor coordination.

Budgeting & financial management

Theresa’s proficiency in budgeting and financial management sets her apart as an exceptional event coordinator. She skillfully creates and adheres to budgetary plans, allocating resources wisely to maximize the event’s impact. By closely monitoring expenses and finding cost-effective solutions, she ensures that clients receive excellent value for their investment.

Experience, dedication, and commitment to make your corporate event a success.

Highly-skilled, independent corporate event planner

Event logistics & coordination

Theresa excels in event logistics and coordination, orchestrating the entire event with precision. From arranging transportation to managing event timelines and ensuring smooth attendee flow, she is adept at handling intricate logistical details, leaving clients at ease and focused on the event’s content and goals.

Event day management

On the event day, Theresa’s hands-on approach shines through as she oversees every element of the event’s execution. From setup to tear-down, she ensures that everything runs smoothly, promptly resolving any unforeseen issues, and guaranteeing a stress-free experience for clients and attendees alike.

Event marketing & promotion

Recognizing the importance of event marketing and promotion, Theresa employs her expertise to enhance event visibility and attendance. She crafts innovative marketing strategies, utilizing digital platforms, social media, and targeted outreach to generate excitement and engage potential attendees. Her marketing efforts contribute to successful event turnout and increased brand awareness.

Event staffing & coordination

With an eye for talent, Theresa adeptly handles event staffing and coordination. She recruits skilled personnel and manages event staff effectively, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide exceptional on-site support and customer service. Her attention to staffing detail results in a seamless event experience for all participants.